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Eto snova kabelek
Eto snova kabelek
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  The Tatarstan republic has the richest historical-cultural heritage. The combination of several types of cultural interferences (Turkic, Finno-Ugric, Bulgarian and Slavic-and-Russian), and two religions (Islam and
  Christianity) determines the uniqueness of these places, originality of art, and cultural and historical values.
  Monuments and the memorable places connected with life and activity of poet and statesman G.R.Derzhavin, poet A.S.Pushkin, writer L.N.Tolstoy, Tatar poet G.Tukay, Tatar religious figure S.Mardzhani, Tatar scientist-educator K.Nasyri, scientist N.I.Lobachevsky, K.Fuks, artist I.I.Shishkin, scientist-chemist N.M.Butlerov, opera singer F.I.Shalyapin, artist B.Urmanche, actor V.I.Kachalov, statesman G.Ishaki, statesman M.N.Maksudi, Tatar poet M.Dzhalil and of many others famous people are still preserved.

Railway station
Railway station
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