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  Tatar wooden architecture

  Artistic peculiarity and traditional intricacy of folk art are brightly shown in Tatar wooden architecture, tracing its roots deep in the ancient times.
  Ancient samples of wooden carving having the shape of sun halo and geometric signs, conventionalized images of birds with spread wings and national mythological and cosmological symbols still can be seen on some old houses and gates, window aprons of wooden houses of Novotatarskaya Sloboda. However, ancient attraction of traditional house-building art is still alive.
  Decorative design of new Tatar wooden houses on the outskirts of Kazan has the same freak of imagination, the same motifs, that produced strong impression on the conquerors, scientists and travelers.
  Modern architecture of the Kazan Tatars is quite distinctive and original. Colour is the main element of the Tatar art, it is the use of decorative colouring that shows the Tatars' cognation with the East, where the greatest triumph of decorative colouring in mosaic and tile design of the famous mosques was achieved. General colour spectrum is simple, it is almost always the same. These are green, light blue, white and yellow colours. The Kazan Tatars don't like other colours, including red, and use them rarely.
  Painting gates receives special attention. Each half of the gates is decorated with a huge rosette in its middle, there are segments of such rosettes in each corner of the gate wings; the ground of the gates is painted green, yellow or blue, the border and rosettes are painted white.
  It is the colouring of the gates, where the difference between Russian and Tatar traditional decoration is the most distinctive - Russians just decorate the gates with carving, but don't paint them. In an attempt to unification of the city houses the authority tried to stop that colour festival. Tsar's legislation prohibited painting houses with bright colours, it allowed using only the following colours: white, pale-yellow, light-grey, daffodil, light-rose and yellow-grey. Despite all the obstacles, the Kazan Tatars have managed to preserve through the centuries and generations artistic ideals of traditional architecture; Tatar houses has kept surprising the contemporaries with the bright rainbow of colours.

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