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Nezhnij shepot ved`mAchki
Nezhnij shepot ved`mAchki
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  Representative Offices, Consulates of Foreign States and Russian Regions in Tatarstan

  Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Kazan
  Head: Ahmet Reza Demirer, Consul General
  Address: Russia, 420015, Kazan, K.Marks str., 71
  Phone: +7 (8432) 644640, 642790
  Fax: +7 (8432) 642511
  E-mail: ard@mi.ru
  Representative Office of the Republic of Dagestan in the Republic of Tatarstan
  Head: Abdoul-Vagit Nasirovich YUSOUPOV, Representative
  Address: Russia, Kazan, Moushtari Str., 19a - 4
  Phone: +7 (8432) 642142
  Trade Representative Office of the Kabardino-Balkar Republic in the Republic of Tatarstan
  Head: Ramazan Mukhamatovich ZHABOYEV, Trade Representative
  Address: Russia, 420014, Kazan, Kremlin, podyezd 2
  Phone: +7 (8432) 579120
  Representative Office of the Ivanovsky Region Administration in the Republic of Tatarstan
  Head: Fyarit Usmanovich LYAPIN, Representative
  Address: Russia, Kazan, Oktyabrskaya Str., 29
  Phone: +7 (8432) 438101, 438111

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Prolomnaya Street
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